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July 12, 2022

Essential Skills Required for Android Developer

Essential Skills Required for Android Developer

Android apps have drastically changed our way of life, but building an android app requires a deep understanding of technology and various programming languages that are hard to learn. As Android apps continue to surprise us, the demand for android developers is multiplying with each passing day. 

So, if you’re dreaming of building a sound career around Android development, you should possess the set of essential skills required for android developers. Let us understand what different skills you should master to accelerate your career as an Android developer. 

Required Skills for Android Developers

  • Programming languages such as Java or Kotlin are the foundation of Android development. 
  • Knowledge of user interaction with multiple android apps.
  • Android UI should be considered the utmost priority, as it is essential to impress the users for the app’s success. 
  • Implementing navigation is a vital skill.
  • Thorough testing the app after development, as users may use the app on various levels.
  • A solid understanding of XML needs to be developed. 
  • Deep knowledge of Android studio is also a must. 
  • The most talented Android developers possess a sense of APIs. 
  •  You’ll have to explore and get comfortable with how databases work. 
  • The ability to understand material design principles is necessary. 

By now, you must have gotten a sound understanding of the skill requirements for Android developers. So, in case you are interested in learning the various android developer skills, get in touch with our professionals at Cogent Infotech today and boost your career with these exciting skills. If in case you are interesetd to know read our article on "Skills required for Java Front End Developers".

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