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July 10, 2022

Skill Sets that are the most in-demand in 2022

Skill Sets that are the most in-demand in 2022

Once you have zeroed in on a career path, your next action plan is to acquire the mandatory skills, obtain a certification, and practice the hands-on training required to land a job. If the career path you have chosen requires any of the most in-demand skill sets, that would be the icing on the career cake for sure!

A brief analysis of popular employment sites points us towards the in-demand skills such as, 

  • Cloud Computing 
  • UX design 
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) 
  • Translation 
  • JavaScript 
  • QuickBooks 
  • interpreting data and metrics
  • Digital marketing 
  • IT Troubleshooting 

The list of the top college majors in 2021 paints a starkly contrasting picture to that of the employment sites. Have a look:

  • Business and management
  • Nursing 
  • Psychology 
  • Biology 
  • Engineering 
  • Education 
  • Communications 
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Criminal Justice 
  • Anthropology and sociology

What does that mean for you? The university you spent so much money on has not prepared you for the job you deserve. So, what can you do to be ready? Elon Musk says that his children receive education on YouTube. So, if you have the network of a billionaire and a few videos, then you are certainly good to go. But, if you are like the rest of us, Stacked Certificates Are The Way To Go!

Now, what are stacked certificates? In a few words, a time-critical solution. In a sentence, Certificates that do not take three or four years (like traditional degrees) to complete. There are certifications for pretty much everything, but a good starting point would be:

  • IT Handbook for technicians 
  • Programming languages such as Java and Python 
  • Data Analytics 
  • Microsoft Suite Certification 
  • UX design 
  • JavaScript
  • Digital marketing 

Even antiquing has a certification! Pay attention to what you choose, as you want to acquire a skill that is both helpful and employable. Now, more on Stacked certificates. Stacking certificates means that you learn several skills at a time, customized to your dream job. Did you really need those classes in English literature to become a stockbroker? Taking coding, analytics, finance classes can be highly beneficial instead. These classes "stacked" give your CV or resume the much-needed thrust to succeed. Your career path is like no other, so it only makes sense that your learning curriculum is unique too!

Make no mistake, people. The Gig Economy Is Here to Stay! 

The US economy is rapidly moving towards a "gig" economy whose more popular alias is freelancing. Today's worker prefers several smaller projects per year constituting their income rather than the one project, one employer, and one job of yore. Employment platforms show that more than 35% of US workers are now part of the gig economy. This percentage will rise to about 43% by 2022. So, your skill flexibility is the need of the hour. Four-year degrees are great, but certificates are the absolute best in giving you the flexibility the economy expects of you.

Why are boot camps the way to go?

Bootcamps are the way to go to add these skills to your kitty. Take the stacked courses on Java and data analytics, for example, at Cogent University. Cogent University offers a boot-camp-to-job-placement program specializing in Java Development, Data Analytics, and Cyber Security. Your instructors have over ten years of experience in training and have placed 600+ candidates in 57 cohorts. Take that one step for you, one giant leap for your career. Join us now!

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