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July 10, 2022

Get a Guaranteed Job with this Zero-Cost Boot Camp in USA

Get a Guaranteed Job with this Zero-Cost Boot Camp in USA

Education for the sake of education is not an option when you want to become financially independent and achieve personal goals. You need an education that prepares you for a career and develops tangible skills in you. While traditional degrees and diploma courses in the tech space have evolved to meet these expectations, it's often not enough. 

What you need is an intensive training program that can develop real-world skills and offer viable placement opportunities. Something like a cohesive boot camp!

Cogent university’s Java Programming and Data analytics Certification Course is designed on these exact lines. Not only is it the only zero-cost boot camp in the USA, but it also comes with a job placement guarantee. Here’s all you need to know about this course.

Boot Camp Highlights

Cogent university’s boot camp is a condensed course, designed to make participants ready for dynamic and challenging roles in the tech space. 

The Java and data analytics courses are offered by a diverse staff with over 18 years of experience in programming and training. This is supplemented by a unique mentorship culture, providing 24/7 learning support to the participants.

Furthermore, industry experts are regularly invited to interact with the bootcamps participants and acquaint them with the most recent trends and challenges in programming. 

The $0K program fee does attract a lot of candidates to the boot camp, but the value delivered is so incredible that the graduation rate is more than 97%. So far, more than 600 graduates have benefitted from this course and given their careers the start they deserved.

Boot Camp Structure

Since boot camps are short-term, intensive training experiences, they are often limited to a few months with concentrated delivery of value. The Java and Data analytics Bootcamps precisely offer that. 

The Java Course journey : 

This course, which spans eight weeks of intensive skill-based training, takes you from the building blocks of programming to its most advanced and trending concepts:

  • Week 1 and 2 covers Java, Database, and MongoDB concepts. In total, 80 hours of training are delivered on Java8 Programming, MySQL, and NoSQL with an emphasis on programming and software installation.
  • In Week 3, participants learn about Java EE application development and CRM with Hibernate.
  • This is followed by Spring Framework 5, Spring Boot, and Integrations training in Week 4 and 5.
  • Week 6 covers Frontend UI development with Angular 11.
  • Week 7 is dedicated to DevOps, Web Services like AWS, Microservices, and Docker.
  • Finally, in Week 8, participants progress towards a 40-hour capstone project to successfully complete their boot camp. This project encourages participants to apply all the concepts and skills they've acquired so far. This hands-on approach aims to expand the learning horizons of every participant and make technical skills truly transferrable to real-world scenarios. 

The data analytics course journey : 

What you will learn in 8 weeks in this exclusive Data analytics upskill bootcamp

  • Module 1: Problem-solving using Case based methods 
  • Module 2: Data wrangling and ETL with Python & Alteryx 
  • Module 3: Time Series Analysis and Hypothesis Testing in Excel and Python
  • Module 4: Quantitative Modeling, A/B Testing using Excel & SQL
  • Module 5: Compelling Visualizations using Tableau and Python
  • Finally participants will work on a capstone project to successfully complete the bootcamp. You will build one Capstone Project, which will bring together your problem solving, technical  and communication skills. This will prepare you to solve real life problems and coordinate efforts. 

Over the course of the project you will also learn how to  : 

  • Extract relevant data from multiple data sources using advanced SQL queries 
  • Perform exploratory data analysis and build visualizations to share insights
  • Understand how Quantitative Models work, along with A/B Testing
  • Perform Time Series analysis and Forecasting 
  • Visualize and present key findings to stakeholders


The core purpose of this boot camp is to develop skills that are relevant to current industry needs. As such, job placements are a natural final step for this course. 

Upon completion of the boot camp, a major percentage of the participants get absorbed in the IT service sector. An equally large chunk gets placed in the BFSI sector. Placement opportunities exist in healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, retail and other sectors.

Top recruiters include some of the biggest companies in the US, such as IBM, JP Morgan Chase and Co., SAS, FIS, Web Ops, Radiance Technologies, etc. 

The average package offered is $75K to $100K per annum for Java full stack developer roles and about , making it an industry-leading compensation. Many recruiters also offer hefty performance bonuses and profit-sharing to qualifying candidates. 

How to Get In

Since this boot camp is fairly advanced and intensive, BS and MS graduates with prior exposure to programming are the right candidates for it. Also, people who want to make a career in programming but are unable to convert the right opportunities can gain tremendously from this course.

To get in, candidates must Visit the Cogent university website and proceed to the Cogent University section. Boot camp details are available on the site, and aspirants can download the course brochure to learn more before enrolling. 

You’d also need to fill out an online form to initiate the application process with zero fees. You can access it directly from the Cogent Infotech site or by scanning the QR code given in the course brochure.

Final Thoughts

Cogent university's Java & data analytics Bootcamps are the only zero-cost programming-focused boot camp in the USA that can jumpstart your career in technology. Designed to narrow the talent gap in the industry, this boot camp is dedicated to benefiting both participants and recruiters. 

With guaranteed job placement at lucrative starting salaries, this boot camp makes for an incredible investment of your time and talent. For more career-related resources, click here.

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