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July 10, 2022

Secure a Job in a fortune 500 company, the Cogent way!

Secure a Job in a fortune 500 company, the Cogent way!

Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned expert, a Fortune 500 corporation is always considered to be a great place to work at. These corporations appear on Fortune magazine's yearly list of the country's largest public and privately held companies, rated by annual revenues.  

Choosing consistently on the list of fortune 500 companies is crucial because higher revenue can mean a better-known brand, more excellent stability, and generally higher pay and benefits. In addition, you will be involved in projects that may be more rewarding.

Some of these businesses are so constant with their yearly revenue that they recognize the importance of their personnel. Each organization has its aim and culture, and these workplaces may be intellectually and financially fulfilling. 

Hundreds of applications are received for a single open position. The employer may be limited in the time they can commit to reviewing them. You can pique an employer's attention by submitting a unique, excellent CV.

Understanding your job market challenges is the first step toward addressing them.

So, if you believe that something is lacking in your resume or wish to increase the likelihood of getting a job in the Fortune 500 companies, pursue a Data Analytics course. At Cogent university, we will offer the proper guidance and support to make you job-ready.

Data Analytics Course by Cogent

Usually, Data Analytics programs are either too technology-focused (better suited to a Developer position) or too fundamental to educate associates for real-world settings. But, the Cogent university's bootcamp comprises a total of five modules, which will be taught over eight weeks and will also have post-training support which includes resume and interview preparation. 

Students will be prepared with capstone projects and use scenarios with a good balance of technology, communication skills, and problem-solving.

What is the purpose of this program?

Fresh college graduates in any field of expertise and seasoned professionals wishing to change careers and use their problem-solving and technical talents are encouraged to apply.

Curiosity and a desire to solve issues are the only requirements

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • Bachelor's degree
  • Good communication, collaboration, and presentation skills 
  • Strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Willingness to learn entry-level programming skills in Python  
  • Understanding of mathematics & statistics
  • Organization skills and attention to detail 
  • Valid US work permit 

Capstone Project

You'll work on two capstone assignments, each of which will help you improve your problem-solving, technological, and communication abilities. This will equip you to solve real-world challenges and collaborate with others.

During the project course, you will learn to:

  • Investigate in-depth, valuable data extracted by SQL queries from multiple data sources
  • Create a problem assertion to test a hypothesis
  • Create and test analytical models and solutions
  • Present crucial findings to stakeholders in a visual format

Java Course By Cogent University

Cogent University's cutting-edge learning and development programs ensure that you stay on top of the market's ever-changing technology trends. In just eight weeks, you'll be working with and learning from the top technology executives!

What is the purpose of this program?

This program's state-of-the-art curriculum ensures your place in the ever-changing technological digital world. The program has concepts of databases, Design Patterns, JEE Intro, Web Servers, Servlets, and JSP Tools. Front end development, Spring, Hibernate, App Servers, EJB, JMS, Web Services, REST HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, and AngularJS.

Career Assistance Program

Our Career Assist Program was created to assist employees in finding excellent opportunities in the market. While we set up those interviews, you can concentrate on learning. 

  • Resume Building: Our experts will assist you in creating professional resumes and cover letters that would get you recognized as part of the program.
  • Interview preparation: We'll teach you confidence-building strategies, questions and responses, and interview techniques, as well as technical interviews and whiteboarding.
  • Job Interviews: Our 250-strong team of recruiters, instructors, career advisers, sales and marketing specialists will assist you in gaining access to and giving interviews at top organizations across the country. You'll have choices!
  • Mentorship: Having access to a mentor-mentee program 24 hours a day, seven days a week, will allow you to receive one-on-one professional advice and expedite problem resolution.

About Cogent University

Cogent University offers students excellent and effective training experience in new technologies like Java. The 8-week boot camp is led by experienced professionals who have more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Our aim is to assist students in preparing and using their knowledge to solve complicated business issues and bridge the gap between technical expertise between the US and around the world.

Why Choose Cogent University?

Our course fills in the gaps by providing a well-rounded perspective of industry requirements in everyday life and how to get ready for it.

  • We don't just guarantee places, but we also help you get work that "YOU" want.
  • From resume creation to the preparation for an interview, we've covered everything.
  • Do not pay us a cent until you are employed. We invest in your future.
  • Every question is answered when you talk to our experts.
  • There are no crippling service bonds. We believe in encouraging unrestricted growth.
  • Our team of 250+ is always striving to make sure you are successful All hours of the day.

Visit Cogent University's website today and evaluate your chance of getting a job in one of the Fortune 500 Companies.

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